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How to Measure Laptop Screen Size? Get the Answer Now!.What Is My Screen Resolution: Find Your Monitor or Display Resolution

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This helps to boost the longevity of the laptop’s built-in LCD and many people do use their laptop in this way. Screen dimensions are measured in inches. One of the most obvious reasons is that you might want to purchase a bag to carry it around or protect it.


How to Measure Laptop Screen Size? Get the Answer Now!


If you are non-tech junkies, you may feel confusing. In fact, the number refers to the screen size of a laptop. For some laptops, the screen size is the same but the width is different.

How do you measure a laptop screen? Usually, you need to use a tape to physically measure the screen. Just use the tape to start at the bottom left corner and pull it diagonally to the top right of the screen. Usually, inches are used as a standard measurement unit to measure laptops. You can get the screen size via searching for laptop specifications on the website. This means that it can display pixels horizontally, and pixels vertically. The resolution is what determines how much information you can be shown on your screen.

This is true of all images. Some PC games request that you have a specific screen resolution, because the game was developed to have better quality in that specific resolution. Some games will automatically adjust your screen resolution to allow the game to play in its best settings. Other games, though will need you to minimize the screen, adjust your resolution to their specifications, and then open up the window again to play.

Other games might need to be closed completely, before changing your resolution and restarting the game. Simply tying the website address into the browser, and pressing the return key can give you your screen resolution, without you needing to search all around your PC.

If needed, convert your measurements. Laptop, television, and monitor screens are measured diagonally to sound bigger and more impressive. In the following, I will also explain how to correctly measure the entire laptop body when buying a laptop bag.

You can search for your laptop specification on the web. There is a lot of other useful data about your display and other laptop hardware.

Search for the label on your laptop. The label contains information about the brand and model. When searching for the needed information on the web look for the terms Product information or Specifications.

It will provide you with a lot more useful information about your hardware. To get to the settings the easiest way is to search the keyword Display in your search panel.

When you reach and open Display settings, you will see all the information you need. There are also online apps that help you measure virtually. You either enter your screen specifications such as display resolution and they calculate the rest or you drag the cursor of your mouse diagonally from one corner to the other. Online apps are a pretty good option because you can calculate and convert measurements in a second. The last resort is using an object whose size is familiar to you.

For example, you know the correct dimensions of a notebook and just compare it to your laptop screen. Laptop bags are essential for transport and protection. There are a lot of varieties of laptop bags on the market, from backpacks to one-strap bags. But how do you choose the right one? One of the most obvious reasons is that you might want to purchase a bag to carry it around or protect it. It is also useful to know the exact dimensions of your laptop screen if you need to replace it.

Or, perhaps you are thinking about buying a new laptop and want to get one that has the same size screen as you currently own. Whatever the reason you need to know the size of your laptop screen or the dimensions of your laptop, we have all of the answers for you in this complete guide. After reading this guide, you will be in no doubt of what you need to do to determine exact measurements. There are two methods that you can use to measure the size of your laptop screen. The simplest way is to use a tape measure or a ruler and take the measurement from the top left corner to the bottom right corner of your laptop screen.

The other way of finding out the screen size of your laptop is to check the specifications from your laptop manufacturer. If your laptop came with a user manual, then it is likely that the dimensions of your laptop screen will be in there.

To physically measure the size of your laptop screen, it is better to use a tape measure for measuring garments than it is to use a ruler.

This is because the standard measurement for a laptop screen is in inches. Therefore, if you live in a country that uses the metric system, you will need to convert the metric measurements into inches. Again, there are online converters for this. You will need to measure your laptop screen diagonally, so you will need to choose a starting point.

You can start at the bottom left of your laptop screen or the bottom right. Please bear in mind that you just want to measure the size of the screen and not the enclosure that keeps it in place. So begin the measuring process at the corner where your screen starts to be visible outside the enclosure. Now you need to extend your measuring tape in a straight line diagonally to the opposite corner of your laptop screen. Therefore, if you began in the bottom left corner, you need to extend to the top right corner and if you started in the bottom right corner, then extend to the top left corner.

If you wonder why you need to take a diagonal measurement, the blame lies with the screen and laptop manufacturers. A diagonal measurement will produce a larger screen measurement, which is a good selling point.