Can you use teams for a zoom meeting.Zoom vs Microsoft Teams: Which is best for you?

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Can you use teams for a zoom meeting.News about Slack, Microsoft Teams, Webex & Team Collaboration

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If your business uses both Zoom and Microsoft Teams, you might want to enable Microsoft Teams direct guest join for Zoom.

This feature allows Microsoft Teams users to join Zoom Meetings with one click. If you choose not to set up direct guest join in Teams, the manual can you use teams for a zoom meeting of calling into Zoom Meetings—or any third-party video meeting—is tedious and can cut into your meeting time.

Designed to enable on-site video conferencing, Zoom Rooms include the hardware and software needed to run Zoom Meetings in can you use teams for a zoom meeting conference room or similar space. A standard subscription includes a phone system /6431.txt audio conferencing, while a premium subscription adds managed room planning and inventory control. Direct guest join is a feature that allows Microsoft Teams Room users to перейти на источник third-party online meetings, like Zoom Meetings, in one click.

По этому сообщению functionality also works /21772.txt the opposite direction—Zoom Room users смотрите подробнее a Microsoft Teams video meeting — which we cover below. Microsoft Teams direct guest join продолжить Zoom Rooms enables Teams users to skip the annoying process of entering a meeting ID and passcode every time they join a Zoom call.

Your IT admin can enable Teams Room devices to join third-party meetings by following these instructions. These URLs can you use teams for a zoom meeting be found in the instructions or by contacting the third-party service directly. Yes, Zoom Rooms can join a Teams meeting as long as an admin has set up direct guest join in Zoom. For any app-only meetings, the Zoom Microsoft plugin lets users start, schedule, and join Zoom Meetings directly from Microsoft Teams.

You can also join Zoom meetings from Microsoft Teams Rooms by enabling direct guest join. Make sure these are trusted URLs! You can get the complete list of allowable URLs by contacting the third-party service. Access the allow-list from the Safe Links policy in your Microsoft defender portal.

Then, add Zoom URLs. These are the most common ones:. There are a few ways to do this, but the simplest method is via the device touchscreen. Try Mio Pricing. Interoperability Microsoft Teams Zoom.



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Many popular meetings platforms like Zoom and Webex have an option to add a SIP Address for Skype for business users to dial directly into the meeting from the Skype for Business client. This works via federation, so you need to be in Teams Only mode which allows federation and have federation enabled. In Zoom, it is an option that the person inviting you to the meeting has to enable. More details here. You can see in Teams it shows as a SfB federated contact, you can click the video call button, top right.

This works on the Teams desktop client electron and mobile app. This call is going via that SfB federation gateway. The Teams user needs to be in Teams only; otherwise their federation is still via Skype for Business and must have federation enabled.

Microsoft Teams Rooms can also do this, but they are actually dual-stack clients, they have an SfB client that makes the call directly without using the Office gateway. They also have an upcoming feature to natively join WebEx and Zoom meetings which will be a superior user experience. Tom stays up to date with industry developments and shares news and his opinions on his Tomtalks. He is a regular speaker at events around the world.

Seems that this no longer works Or is it just me? I remember doing this not even that long, like two weeks ago and it was still working.

But not anymore, is that correct? Does not seem to work any longer for Teams rooms. Please log in again. The login page will open in a new tab. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. You are probably better joining with the native client for those platforms. If you have SIP: associated with Microsoft Teams, it will try to launch Teams Otherwise, you may be given a selection of apps to choose from.

You will see audio and video working. You can input the password to join the Zoom meeting with the keypad. How does it work? Microsoft Teams Rooms Microsoft Teams Rooms can also do this, but they are actually dual-stack clients, they have an SfB client that makes the call directly without using the Office gateway. MicrosoftTeams Webex Zoom. View all posts. Tom Talks Microsoft Teams and Microsoft news and opinions.

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