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How do I activate a Zoom account? You can register by entering the mobile number used to purchase the Zoom Data Bundle and the email that you will use for your Zoom account. How do I get a registration OTP? Is Zoom Data Bundle available for all Telkomsel customers? Can Zoom account be transferred to another number or email? No, the Zoom account can only be used by the mobile number used to purchase the package and the email registered for the Zoom account.

After successfully inputting the OTP, you will receive an email to activate your Zoom account. Simply follow the instruction on that email to activate your account. Will the video recording while using Zoom Data Bundle be saved forever? No, the recorded video will be deleted when the Zoom Data Bundle expires.

You can download and save the recorded videos before the it expires. How do I contact Customer Service if there are problems regarding the package or when I use Zoom application? How to activate Zoom Data Plan Subscription?

The first registered email cannot be changed in the middle of the subscription period. How long is the subscription period for Zoom Data Plan Subscription? Terms and Conditions. Activate the Zoom account by entering the phone number used to buy the package and the email that will be used for the Zoom account. Zoom account registration can only be done with the number used to purchase the Zoom Data Bundle.

Zoom account can only be used with the email that has been registered on the Zoom registration form and cannot be transferred. If you make purchases more than once with the same phone number, use a different email when activating Zoom. Zoom Data Bundle is valid until Video recordings in the Zoom Data Bundle will be deleted when the package’s validity period ends. Telkomsel Zoom Data Bundle can accommodate up to participants.

If you need more information, please contact Telkomsel Customer Service at Enterprise Solution Recommender. See Zoom’s terms of service. Continuing Service After One Year To continue to receive your discount for Zoom Meetings after the initial year of your subscription, you must reconfirm your eligibility by requesting this offer again each year.

If you do not request this offer in time or are no longer eligible, Zoom will convert your subscription to the full retail price. Existing Subscribers You can request this offer if you already have a paid Zoom subscription, but you will have to create a new Zoom account with a different email address to receive the 50 percent discount.

You can’t renew an existing Zoom subscription with this offer unless your subscription was originally obtained through TechSoup Asia. The Basic Plan has a minute time limit on meetings with three or more total participants. Zoom Discount Program Guidelines. Your one-year subscription begins on the date the product request is approved, not the date the account is set up. You can purchase the following add-ons and options at a 50 percent discount. You must agree to pay Zoom in advance for a one-year, nonrefundable service contract.

After the trial ends, your account will be charged for the full price of the plan you picked at the signup. DoNotPay can help you cancel your LegalZoom free trial before you get charged. The process is the same as canceling your membership. We can also protect you from getting charged for free trials in the future! With our virtual credit card , you can sign up for any free trial without worrying about what could happen when the trial period ends.

You simply subscribe with a virtual credit card number and your free trial gets approved. When the trial period ends and the company tries to charge you, they will fail because your free virtual credit card is not connected to any real payment source. To start enjoying no-risk free trials, access DoNotPay from your web browser. DoNotPay is a virtual assistant that will help you sort out your daily tasks quickly and efficiently.

Open DoNotPay in your web browser and discover how we can help you with:. Let DoNotPay solve this problem for me. When you click on cancel you will experience a series of page prompts which gives you the option to continue to cancel the trial or Keep Asana Premium.

These page prompts endeavour to ensure you are completely happy with your decision. You can change your mind at any time by clicking on Keep Asana Premium. Once we have received confirmation that cancellation is the only option for you, we will promptly fulfill your request and you should see a confirmation screen at the end that says You have successfully cancelled your trial.

Billing Owners of Premium plans who are on a manual invoice system and wish to adjust or cancel their plan for their upcoming renewal term should Contact support through the Billing tab of their Admin Console. Billing Owners of Team plans can request to cancel their manual plan for their upcoming renewal term through the billing tab of their team settings.

Only the current Billing Owner of an Organization will be able to update the billing information, reassign Billing Ownership, download the latest invoice or cancel for their upcoming renewal term. If you choose to downgrade, the downgrade will take effect at the end of your current subscription period. Contact Support at any time if you are having any issues with cancelling your plan, editing your plan or switching back to Asana Basic. If you choose to terminate your subscription to a paid tier, you and your team will lose access to premium features, including advanced team and project permissions, custom fields, timeline view, and task dependencies.

There are other options you may want to consider. If you believe that your team is unsure on how to make the most out of your paid features, take advantage of the free trainings that we offer to our Premium users.

You can read more about plan options and pricing in Asana. From the plan details section in Admin Console via the Billing tab you can edit or switch your plan. If you pay by credit card simply select Edit Plan from the billing tab of your Admin Console. When you click into Edit plan you will be routed to a data capture form where you will be asked to fill in details about your project, team, and the process you want to track in Asana. After you have filled out your preferences, click Submit and an Asana specialist will be in touch after processing your request.


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Check how Zoom compares with the average pricing for Video Conferencing software. It can be challenging at first however in few tries you can connect. DoNotPay will send you a notification as soon as it cancels your subscription. We can also track down all your subscriptions and assist you with canceling those. If you choose to terminate your subscription to a paid tier, you and your team will lose access to premium features, including advanced team and project.


Cancellation • Asana Product Guide – Can I Cancel Zoom Subscription? How About the Refunds?


Adding new content or cancelling an existing Zoom subscription is not a hassle. Depending on the current billing cycle, we can accept your cancellation prior to it. The subscription will continue to be automatically renewed if it is not canceled. With Zoom you can access paid services monthly or annually.

PayPal and credit cards are both used to purchase these. Subscribers of Zoom have access to the service in different subscription periods depending on their plans. It is not necessary to renew your subscription every renewal cycle, but the policy can be canceled anytime during the plan term. Changing from annual to monthly Subscription changes are possible when you purchase your subscription online. Use the left-hand side of the navigation panel to select Account Management and Billing.

Choosing the option Edit Plan in the right hand side menu allows you to choose a new subscription. You can change the frequency by clicking the Monthly option.

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