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Luckily, you can enjoy excellent audio with our selection of the best computer speakers. This computer-equipped soundbar and subwoofer make gaming, streaming, or any other audio come through crystal clear. With a hour battery life and wireless sound, this pick can transverse from streaming gaming audio to playing your favorite songs. Get stereo-quality sound, voice controls, and pairing capabilities with this high-powered, yet super-compact pick.

Even the most expensive PC could use a strong audio boost, though. External speakers that connect to your devices either through input and output jacks, a USB port, or Bluetooth pairing will give you the rich surround sound we once demanded from our home stereo systems back in the days of CDs and mixtapes.

First, consider the sound. No matter how many impressive features speakers have, if the sound is even remotely tinny, you can do better. Next, think about how they connect to your devices. Simple portable speakers have built-in drivers that produce a combination of treble tweeter , middle midrange , and bass woofer ranges. In more complex multi-speaker set-ups, subwoofers play the sounds at the lowest end of the audio spectrum. Satellite speakers produce the entire range of audio, minus the bass.

Subwoofers and satellites work in tandem in many speaker systems, though in 2. With 2. Whether you should go wired or wireless will depend on several factors. The great thing about wired is that making a connection is as easy as hooking it up to your computer via input and output jacks or a USB port.

Tip: A 3. Wireless, on the other hand, opens the best computer speakers to myriad possibilities. Bluetooth speakers allow you to simultaneously connect to your computer, your laptop, your tablet, and your phone. You can also use a Bluetooth connection to pair speakers together for enhanced sound, and it allows you to link a speaker to your PC and take it into another room without bringing the computer along. One final Bluetooth bonus worth mentioning has nothing to do with audio. It helps cut down on wire clutter, so it definitely offers a neater listening experience.

If you intend to leave your speakers in one place—say, the living room or bedroom—then you can go all out. The multiple speakers traditionally required to achieve 5. Some speakers can even be fully submerged in water without missing a single beat. Why should one speaker have all the fun?

UE, JBL, and Harman Kardon all produce battery-powered portable speakers that can be paired together via Bluetooth, while Sony allows you to connect up to 10 speakers. Two Bose speakers can connect using the Bose Connect app and sound off in party mode in unison or stereo mode left and right speaker separate. Smart speakers really live up to their name. You can use them to communicate with one of the three AI assistants, and Alexa, Siri, and Google Voice can accomplish a series of tasks, including streaming music and podcasts, looking up trivia, controlling wireless-enabled lights, placing online orders, getting weather forecasts and travel directions, and setting alarms.

The number of drivers it uses is also important. Three-way designs with tweeters for treble, woofers for bass, and midrange for everything in between are ideal. Check Price. Measuring in at only 1. These Bluetooth computer speakers were made to rock the party. You can pair it with more than JBL Connect Plus-enabled speakers to exponentially amplify the sound coming from your computer. If just the one will do, you can get 20 hours of playtime from its mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

The aluminum casing is water-resistant and durable, and the handle allows easy portability. For stereo sound, you can pair it with another Bose SoundLink speaker. Weighing in at a petite two pounds, this portable Bluetooth speaker comes with extra-bass and live-sound modes, which you can tap it to emulate different sounds, like a snare or a kick drum.

It also comes with a built-in mic so you can use it for phone conversations and multi-colored flashing lights to set the party mood. Oh, and did we mention it can sync with up to other speakers at once?

You can also link it up to Sonos speakers in multiple rooms to let the music play everywhere in your home. Yet with so many different brands angling to deliver what the masses consider to be the best computer speakers, a few of them stand out. On a visual note, the cylindrical design is iconic, and for those craving a break from basic black, these speakers come in an assortment of vibrant colors. As premium audio players go, the name may not be as trendy as Bose and Beats, but Logitech is well represented in most lists of the best computer speakers.

The design of its models can be a bit old-school ordinary, but what they lack in visual oomph, they more than make up for in sound and savings. When you splurge on Bose and Beats, you really are paying for brand name as much as brand function. Although excellent audio is a must to rank among the best computer speakers, a number of other factors will come into play when evaluating a selection of them. If you want the freedom to carry them room to room or out of the house, you should look for a portable brand that can connect to your computer wirelessly via Bluetooth.

Waterproof is a plus and so is the ability to pair speakers together. And though most of us love shiny, fashionable things, resist the urge to pay for brand name only. A number of reputable speaker makers offer high-quality items at low prices. The Marshall Emberton speaker is a great-sounding Bluetooth speaker and has the looks to match. Sign up to receive Popular Science’s emails and get the highlights. Gear Audio Speakers. Updated Jul 20, PM. The compact size makes this pick portable for all-around use.

Some users struggled to set-up, as it is a multi-step process. Written By Jeremy Helligar. Like science, tech, and DIY projects? Pros The bass is powerful for a studio-quality feel. Pros The compact size makes this pick portable for all-around use. Cons The mono sound makes the audio less directional. Cons Some users struggled to set-up, as it is a multi-step process.


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Audio Inputs: Bluetooth, 3. Read our Pioneer Rayz Rally review. The speaker does sound clear and loud, and it’s versatile: You can go wireless over Bluetooth, plug the speaker into the USB port on your PC with an included cable or plug in the wireless dongle for a more reliable Bluetooth connection. The orb-inspired design is attractive and takes up very little space, plus we appreciate all the hardware e. Some speakers might have too much high-end, making for an overly bright and unpleasant listening experience. Do you make conference calls using Zoom, Microsoft Teams or another platform?


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1 · Audioengine A2+. Audioengine ; 2 · Logitech Z Logitech ; 3 · Logitech G Gaming Speakers. Logitech ; 4 · Razer Nommo Pro. Razer ; 5 · Harman. Creative Pebble V3. The best computer speakers for style and value. 1. Sennheiser SP 20 · 2. Anker PowerConf · 3. Pioneer Rayz Rally.