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how to change display size to fit screen size – Microsoft Community.How to Adjust Screen Resolution – Windows 10 – Lenovo Support RS


When you change screen resolution, you change the available number of pixels shown onscreen. Note that the settings available when you change screen resolution will depend on the monitor used, as well as the display driver installed. When you change screen resolution to increase the screen resolution, you change the quality of the images displayed by increasing resolution as well as allowing for more display area onscreen. Many applications and features have a minimum or optimal screen resolution setting to use.

These numbers represent the number of pixels used to display the width and height of the onscreen display. In this lesson, you will learn how to change screen resolution settings using Windows 8. If you have multiple monitors connected to your computer, you can change screen resolution for each one, as needed. Windows will preview the changes and then allow you to either keep the changes or revert to your previous display settings in a message box that appears onscreen.

This is to safeguard against accidentally setting your display at a resolution that you cannot view or use. This video is taken from our complete Windows 8. Try the Windows Course for Free!

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