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Zoom’s solution is crafted to enable marketing teams to find the appropriate decision maker at a target enterprise, to determine when decision makers are preparing to make a purchase and to determine some kind of optimization between potential targets. I am not sure the extent to which sequential growth was limited by the impact of COVID on the economy. Zoom Video , the immensely popular videoconferencing company, has seen its shares skyrocket through the year as investors bet on stay-at-home stocks to outperform.

ZoomInfo Market Value Soars to $17B in Strategic First Week.


Feroldi: Yeah, the numbers here are both fantastic and also really confusing. In , this company was originally called DiscoveryOrg, sic [DiscoverOrg] and last year, in February of , they purchased another company that was similar to them. And the combined company took the name on ZoomInfo.

Lewis: That is excellent. And I think maybe we should uncouple the idea of organic growth a little bit, because it can be a little confusing for people.

Feroldi: Sure. Organic growth is revenue that is generated from products or services that are homegrown. Inorganic growth is when you buy another company and then you get to add that company’s revenue to yours. Lewis: Yeah. And that’s like that we’ll hone in on particularly close to an acquisition, and over time as an acquisition, especially if it’s an integrated acquisition where you aren’t running two things separately, you are basically working them in together, depends on the business, it will fade in terms of its relevance.

But if there are those operations where you have something that’s bolt-on or you have a particularly acquisitive company, the organic growth versus overall growth is always an important thing to look at. You really just want to understand, you know, where is this coming from? If you see awesome top-line growth, and organic growth is basically flat, that business isn’t really doing all that much with its core operations, it’s only growing because it’s continuing to buy other companies.

And that strategy does work for some businesses, but personally, I do not want to invest in companies that only rely on acquisitions to grow their top line. But the rest of the company’s income statement was equally as impressive. Lewis: That’s darn impressive. And we can talk a little bit more about the financials and roll through those. But when you see a big gap between those two things, is that a yellowish or reddish flag until you do a little bit more digging and understand what’s going on there?

Feroldi: I give companies such as this — I make a note of it basically. Whenever a company goes from not public to public, we see a whole bunch of numbers just go completely wonky.

Pinterest comes to mind. Prior to coming public, what was their stock-based compensation? So, a whole bunch of one-time things like that can make these numbers look a little bit crazy. So, I always keep that in mind. The same thing with acquisitions. So, those numbers are about as wide as I’ve ever seen. If you agree with what those puts and takes are, then you can accept that difference. If you look at them and you say, “You know what, I don’t really like the way that they’re handling these things” or “I don’t understand why we’re reporting numbers quite this way,” then it becomes something that might be a yellow or a red flag.

Feroldi: Yeah, I think that’s completely fair. But then again, with companies like this, it’s not uncommon to see GAAP net income significantly trail free cash flow production. And between the two, I’ll take free cash flow every single time.

That actually is going into the company’s bank account and making the business stronger, whereas GAAP is just an accountant’s opinion basically. Lewis: Brian, knowing how you look at businesses and looking at this company’s balance sheet, I imagine there might be one ding that you have against this company.

Feroldi: Yes. And this is a company that has not been shy about its use of debt to get to where it’s come today. I wish those numbers were reversed. So, this is not a pristine balance sheet. Lewis: No, it’s not. And you know, it’s something that’s sustainable so long as the business doesn’t get stressed, but the reason that we emphasize this is when conditions get hard for companies, having a lot of debt can become a burden.

When things are going really well, it can become a way to grow very quickly, particularly if that’s cheap. Feroldi: Yeah, that’s exactly correct. Now, one of the numbers that we always love to look for with SaaS businesses, Dylan, is dollar-based net retention [DBNR] or dollar-based net expansion. This company does report dollar-based net retention; that’s the one we like to see, because that does include churn.

Now, they didn’t give it to us in the most recent quarter — at least, my quick look through the press release did not have that number. However, they did showcase it for If you dig into that number even more, this company has customers that are small and big, like up-and-down the value size. I think that’s pretty solid, particularly when you’re looking at the DBNR, and not the DBNE; [laughs] to just throw a bunch of word salad acronyms at you.

Brian, you mentioned the talent that they have as a potential moat, a little bit of the network effects at play here possibly as you have companies that are hopping in there and, kind of, actively verifying information. What else do you see here in terms of moat for this business? Feroldi: Yeah, I do think that there is a competitive advantage here for sure. To me, the biggest competitive advantage they have going for them would be the switching costs.

Once a sales team gets locked into this information, gets used to this data, builds their systems around having this, I think that that’s a hard thing to actually give up. And the reason that I believe that is because what happened last quarter, what happened during a pandemic, when every cost that could be cut was cut? That’s because this company’s job is to help make sales teams better and more effective. That is the kind of spending that will always make sense, even during a pandemic.

So, when I saw that kind of revenue growth, that tells me that there are some real switching costs and advantages here. Lewis: One question I have about this, and I’m sure some of our listeners do, kind of, thinking about the model that this company has, and being an information source is, would it be possible that this makes more sense as like a single-use for some businesses and that the subscription value isn’t quite there?

You know, if you’re looking for a definitive contact list for a specific industry and you get that information, it’s possible that that information isn’t stale for six months or nine months, do you feel like that’s a risk at all for them? Feroldi: Potentially. However, if every business that is a user of theirs, they want to grow, which means attacking customers that they don’t yet have. And how important is it to have real-time data on exactly that?

And, Dylan, what’s happened to the job market over the last year? It’s been kind of crazy. People have left businesses; people have started new businesses. So, having real up-to-date information is something that I think many businesses will be definitely willing to pay for. So, I do think given the turnover of some businesses and promotions that happen, that kind of information is always changing. Lewis: You mentioned the Salesforce integration before.

And I think that those types of partnerships or collaborations are really helpful for a business like this, because while it’s useful in a silo, it is far more useful when it is able to be applied to other programs, other applications, other business operations. I mean, the two big ones there are Salesforce. I do wish that they’d spend more on making their data even more accessible on other platforms, like, just throwing about like, I would love if they integrated with, say, HubSpot , for example.

And there’s a whole bunch of other CRM systems like that. That, to me, if they continue to invest there and build that out, that will only widen their moat further. Lewis: It’s funny you say that, Brian. HubSpot was on the tip of my tongue for, you know, who they might target next. I think that one could make a ton of sense. And you know, we like to see stocks partnering up with other stocks, particularly ones that we already like. That’s kind of a nice endorsement.

Feroldi: Yeah, exactly. But the fact that they do have integrations; I think they do have a very weak network effect at play here, like, very, very weak. They think it’s a big advantage. I personally think they’re overstating that given their sales, but there are some. But to me, the big question that I want to know is, does this company have a durable competitive advantage, and is it trending in the right direction? I think the answer to both those questions is “yes.

This new technology helps drones survive strong winds. ZoomInfo is a business-to-business database software firm founded in , 11 years before Eric Yuan started Zoom Video. On Thursday, ZoomInfo went public, selling The company’s sales surged last year but losses mounted — which is often the case for tech companies going public.

The strong debut for ZoomInfo is the latest sign that the IPO market, much like the rest of Wall Street, is enjoying a huge comeback in recent months after stocks plunged in March due to the Covid outbreak. Read More. Zoom makes privacy and security fixes as millions flock to service. Hopefully, investors realize that ZoomInfo is not Zoom Video — which is one the biggest Wall Street success stories of Sales The tools help with territory planning, prospecting, outreach, and lead scoring.

Marketing This platform can capture information in real-time when potential B2B clients visit your company website. Recruiters Recruiters can also enjoy using the platform. Ai at the Core Zoominfo Technologies includes Ai at the core of its platform design. Zoominfo Pricing A free day trial is standard for those considering the Professional package. Zoominfo Chrome Extension The Chrome extension allows users to make calls and send emails with one click from Zoominfo. Zoominfo Technologies Zoominfo is a viable company for savvy investors and assertive salespersons.

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– ZoomInfo Stock Exchange Debut on Nasdaq Risks Confusion With Zoom Video

Sep 17,  · So, to drill it down really hard, [laughs] one more time: If you’re talking about the Zoom Video app, ticker ZM. We are talking about ZoomInfo, which is a SaaS company worth about $10 billion, and. ZoomInfo was originally founded as DiscoverOrg in by Henry Schuck and Kirk Brown. It operated as DiscoverOrg until February , when it acquired its competitor Zoom Information, Inc. and subsequently rebranded as ZoomInfo. [4] Zoom Information was originally established in as Eliyon Technologies by founders Yonatan Stern and Michel. Jun 05,  · Notably, video conferencing provider Zoom Video is one of ZoomInfo’s customers. ZoomInfo’s IPO prospectus said, “Within the first year that Zoom Video deployed ZoomInfo, Zoom Video’s revenue grew Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins.